Sunday, January 20, 2019

What is Soul Healing - The Podcast

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This interview is about an hour long and we get into a lot of questions. What is Soul Healing, who is Shirdi Sai Baba, the trouble with sex and too many partners, enlightenment, etc...

Intro to Soul Healing

Monday, January 7, 2019

What it means to see into the future... Avoid the Danger that has not yet come!

Often I find myself having to explain to clients just what is happening when I am seeing into the future. First I need to explain that nothing is set in stone, there is free will and our actions or other's actions can and do change the future. Basically the future is always changing as it is just a part of the space-time continuum, I am providing a virtual snapshot, but where the past is rather fixed the future is not.

Here is an example from my mother's life and the first time I ever heard about someone actually correctly predicting the future when I was ten years old. My mom had been an actress, and in her early twenties she and a friend were planning to go to England, it was after the War and the theater in England was making a comeback, in about 1946 or '47. They had purchased tickets on a ship sailing to England from New York, and for some reason went to a fortune teller. They were told that the ship would sink and the psychic saw them both drowning. Well, that pretty much spooked my mom and she decided not to sail to England, but her friend didn't take the warning seriously.

A few days before the planned arrival in England the ship indeed did sink. My mom's friend died as predicted. My mom of course did not. She had exercised her freewill and not sailed, and thereby escaped the death foretold. This is the perfect example of the true value of seeing the future, "to avoid the danger that has not yet come".

When I see the future for a client, I am seeing things at that moment, but all is really energy and if the energy changes, then the conditions and the future can and will change immediately. This is especially true when if the client is engaged in any kind of spiritual practice, because the spiritual practice is always changing the client's future by removing or mitigating past karmas. Which brings me up to what  actually do, what my real work is, which is the work I do to influence or lessen the conditions in the future that are negative and to increase the potential for positive outcomes, that is my main work.

I work on removing the effects of negative past karmas, whether in this life or from past lives, and can focus on specific desired outcomes. Sometimes it is just a question of increasing the benefit of past positive karmas, often the Divine will grant such a desire. And other times, just don't get on that boat that is going to sink!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Time Travel

Basically I know two ways to travel. I mean old style travel, not the modern kind of travel of the last five thousand years. But the old way. When we flew for real.

I began to slip back into other times when I was seventeen first, and then it just grew. It is like seeing into the future or remote viewing, that also is something that is a gift I have been given. Any travel is going to be easier and more effortless if there is some big gathering of energy. Energy. Energy explodes everything and becomes the "thing" that lets me transcend the here and this finite place. 

Like first in the old remote viewing training by the CIA from the 1960s, first lessons are to see big events. The process is to use big events of the past, but not big enough events that you could ever have known of them. Like first look at a picture of a town in Europe in about 1970 and then automatically connect to it, now do you see the energy of a disaster there at that time? What was the disaster? Was there fire, what do you see?  It all comes. It comes to me because the energy of that past event is strong and is burnt into the record; in Indian tradition this is called the Akashic Record. Akasha is space, space/time an endless record.

Starting pick a place on earth and connect to the energy there, and GO! If you can connect to the energy, and also let go of your ego attachment to where you are sitting, then Bang - you are there. It unfolds all around you, the sights, smells sounds, the people .... follow them watch them go with them. But when you touch them, wow, they freak out. "What was that? Something touched me! Weird", that is what they say. I am a visitor and I can't really communicate with them. Except maybe you'll find someone telepathic and strike up a conversation. "Hey its okay, I'm just a traveler from New York, don't worry." They understand, but no one else does.

But for me the real thing is traveling back. Back in time. As far as possible. Beyond our memory. By memory, it means what I can remember, it is limited by this Yuga - Kali Yuga - to about five thousand years ago. I remember my past lives or anyone's past lives. That is what it is, memory, my memory or your memory that I connect to - and then fly. Seventy percent I am in a trance, the remainder is connected here. Usually. Or not. Or I just let go completely and take off into the earlier times. 

Then by fortune I found ancestral travel. Making my family tree, my ancestors began to speak to me, to guide me. "Hey Evan, this is where I am. You're looking for me". Look in this record, whatever census or database, I'm there. Inevitably they are. There, calling out. I thought that was all. "Here I am, I'm in this cemetery",  or whatever. But there was more, much more. Their lives, how they lived. I was connecting back in time to my ten times great grandparents. Some very interesting. Or even just a few generations back. Kind of like ghosts but not really. I am going back into their time, or into their moments and communicating there with them. Then I was able to see through their eyes. Well really through their third-eyes. Connect to that.  Know their world and be "them" as an invited guest, who was/am actually always in them as the latent possible Evan to be born in their future, way after their mortal bodies are dust. 

So I know their work and I go back. I connected with some in New Amsterdam and some in  the Virginia Tidewater. Now I am pushing back to the 1500s, into Africa. One ancestor in Luanda, in Angola, and then a few generations back still, and I am in a village, surrounded by many cousins, it is about 1450, by my guess. It is likely the Kongo kingdom, before 1483 and the Portuguese have not "discovered" the Kongo. 

When in 1985 in my actual body I traveled to Lambarene in Gabon, on the river Ogooue, there was a strange recognition. That feeling now so familiar of "home". It was still a simple river then, with no bridge and just small ferries to go from shore to shore and offload the small freighters that traveled up river there. But, somehow I connected in that place to Angola to the Kongo people, five hundred miles south, who I connect to now in the 1400s as my ancestral people, again through one ancestor. He made himself "known" by showing up as 1-2% South Central African DNA on two DNA tests, then he began to speak. And others from that time and place. The people, the Kongo people are complex, especially at that time. Very powerful ruling dynasties and royalty fighting and in-fighting. I am amazed to be able to witness so much through my ancestral connection. Time travel.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Healing Ancestral Karma or a Generational Curse.

Our ancestors have a very powerful effect upon us on every level. It is generally accepted that both genetically and karmically the reach of ancestors extends for nine generations. There can be a lot of positive and there can be a lot of negative, that flows this way.

We must deal with 512 different individuals from our 7th great-grandparents up to our parents. The 7th Great-Grandparents would have been born in about 1680, a long time ago and many different people.

What we are speaking of with Ancestral Karma, is really limited to the bad or negative karmas that are affecting us today. Playing upon us. Most of our ancestors have not done anything so grave or significant that cause us problems today, but what I am usually seeing, is that it will be a handful who committed some negative actions, that play out in our lives today.

In the case of a Generational Curse this happens when someone in the past has placed a curse on a person's descendants. It could be like "all the females born will get divorced or lose their loves or husbands" or "all children will be cursed with money troubles".

We must begin to suspect that it is ancestral karma or a generational curse when no matter what, even if we have had many healings and been on many retreats, we seem to be held back in life or the same things keep coming up as blocks. This is doubly true when we see this negative also manifesting in the lives of our family too.

The clearing of ancestral karma is very valuable for our soul and also protects your children or future children from the ancestors karma. Once the clearing of negative ancestral karma is completed, people report much more clarity and positive "connections" with ancestors.

The processes that I do, with the Divine Blessing of Shirdi Sai Baba, utilizing Divine Energy Healing™neutralizes these ancestral karmas, specifically those that are bringing negative into our life today.

Heal your ancestral tree - Remove Generational Curses

The process is available right on this page in The Healing Store >>>>>

Typical Experiences of Clients

Examples I have dealt with in the lives of clients are as follows:
  • Client 1: was born into moderate wealth as a result of trickery of 1st Great Grand Father who evicted peasants from their land. Client had suffered with explained illness and business reversals.
  • Client 2: Grandmother created negativity in many love relationships, and broke-up many marriages. With healing client came out of deep emotional turmoil.
  • Client 3: 2nd Great Grandfather forced a poor neighbor to become a substitute in Army Draft, that person was killed in battle. Many descendants have been plagued by untimely violent early death.

There are many more clients who's lives have vastly improved as a result of Divine Energy Healing™ of Ancestral Karma.

Important to note again, only one ancestor out of over five hundred may be causing the problem. If you believe you may have a problem with ancestral karma, but need a consultation, please contact me.

For more information on how I work visit my site

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kala Chakra .... Divine control over Time

Several years ago, I was initiated into the Kalachakra Process in a secret Tantric ritual, in South India. It has been an amazing journey now at lightening fast speeds.

The Kala Chakra Yantra
Kala Chakra involves a process that compresses time, to quickly have you go through the various levels of the time continuum - Kala Chakra - meant to get to the Spiritual goal much faster. You speed through karma, you experience abbreviations of karma, you go through future life karma. It is
life-altering process done for spiritual benefit only.

I am able to offer this to clients. This is not an initiation into the Kalachakra Process, rather it is the process.

According to the tradition, Buddha taught the Kalachakra Tantra more than two thousand eight hundred years ago in present-day Andra Pradesh, South India.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Astral Body Healing

Heal the Astral Body
The Disconnection
Often when we have been overloaded with shock and trauma, especially early in life, our astral body becomes disconnected from our physical body. This is because the astral body wants to escape and not experience the pain, suffering, torment, grief or abuse that is coming.

Floating Above the Violence
Many people report “floating” above the violence being done to them, witnessing it, with no emotions attached. It’s like a movie, and without any emotional connection with what is happening to the actor during the violence and trauma. People also report feeling emotionally numb in general, this is evidence that there is a disconnect between the astral and physical bodies.

Dream State
Someone who has this disconnection will often experience very graphic or lucid dreams, but as unwanted dreams, even often nightmares, or weird repetitions of the same unwanted energy in the dream state. Crazy and unwanted dreams or nightmares are a clear symptom of astral disconnection. 

Childhood Trauma
Any person who grew up in an abusive or very dysfunctional childhood will feel so threatened at different times, that the astral body can become conditioned over time to escape, rather than remaining in in the physical body when it is triggered by stressful situations.

You Must Experience the Pain
It is easy to imagine that not experiencing negative emotions is a good thing, but it is not. When your astral body continually floats away, your mind and body become victims yet again, to the toxic poison that has entered into the unconscious. Eventually, this energetic disconnect leads to physical or mental disease.  The astral body also becomes open to all kinds of attacks when it disconnects from the physical in this way.

The Process for Healing the Astral Body
The process for Healing the Astral Body must, 1. Heal the link between the astral and physical bodies, 2. Restore the ability of the astral body to remain connected and in the physical body at a time of stress, and 3. Remove negative impressions that the astral body has stored over time. The work that I do will fully correct the problems of emotional disconnection (or too much connection) and/or mental “spacey-ness” and poor reaction to stress that may be experienced. The healing of the Astral Body restores it to a state of union before the disconnection was first experienced.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I've published the newest edition of the Shri Sai Satcharita - Baba's Life Story

For the past year or so, Baba had been coming to me, mostly as thought, insisting that I must publish a "new" edition of the Shri Sai Satcharita: The Wonderful Life and Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, his life story.

The original was written in Marathi by Govind Raghunath Dabholkar, also know far and wide as Hemadpant - the name bestowed by Shirdi Sai Baba on him. Years later, in 1944 it was finally translated into English by N.V. Gunaji. That is the edition I have re-issued.

It was a beautiful opportunity for me to really dive deeply into the Satcharita. I had had for some time a different version, that I purchased in Shirdi, during my blessed one week there in 2008. As an obligatory obligation, I had read most of it then. It was time to see what was really up. What I found was that in N.V. Gunaji's translation, there were many anachronisms. Indian English that had not been in common usage for generations. Unfortunately, there were many spelling mistakes, that had maybe existed for generations. How they crept into the book, into Gunaji's translation, I do not know. But they were there. So there were a number of issues I had to tackle in reissuing. I had to become an editor of Baba's life story. HE told me to go ahead.

So within a month or so working almost full time on it, I had completed the task. I must have read and re-read the Shri Sai Satcharita twenty or thirty times; that was a Divine Blessing in and of itself, being that it is one of the most powerful spiritual books ever written. So now it is available through throughout the world and bookstores in many places. Both as an eBook kindle edition and a very beautiful trade paperback edition. Soon I will be adding other distribution channels, as Baba wishes. The more people that can have the opportunity to read the Satcharitra, that is the ultimate goal.

Here is an excerpt from my Editor's Preface:

Who was Shirdi Sai Baba? Baba lived all his adult life in Shirdi, a small village in India. To the unknowing, He seemed a simple beggar, dressed in torn clothes, having no need for any material item. Claiming neither the Hindu nor Muslim religion, nor any religion. He lived in an abandoned Mosque with no roof and every day took his food from a few people, making his rounds with his begging bowl, door to door. What really was happening; He was burning the karmas of everyone who came to Him, in the dhuni (Divine Fire) Baba kept burning at all times. Healing and giving guidance on every level. Hundreds of thousands of miracles are attributed to Him in His life and they have multiplied now after His Mahasamadhi. Baba left His physical form in 1918, but his Divine Energy and Intention and Power is always available and at work in the world. The Shri Sai Satcharitra is a discourse based on experiences Baba’s devotees had with Him during His life on earth. It is said that Shirdi Sai Baba caused it to be written through Shri Anna Saheb Dabholkar - Hemadpant - by giving inner motivation to him. Baba had clearly told him: "I Myself write my own life. Hearing My stories and teachings will create faith in devotees' hearts and they will easily get self-realization and bliss...." Every chapter is a mixture of philosophy, anecdotes, and teachings. His book is akin to the Vedas for Sai’s devotees.” To many people, The Divine Truth imparted by this book is even greater than the knowledge contained in the Vedas and the Gita, because all the characters and events in it are real and authentic and have been recorded in detail by many devotees. We have attempted to remain true to N.V. Gunaji’s original English translation. While some of the sentence structure and references may be slightly obscure for the Western reader, what is clear is that since the original English translation by N.V. Gunaji was published, that it has in its unaltered state, been a core component of the spread of knowledge and devotion to Shirdi Sai Baba in the English-speaking world. To help the reader with some of the obscure Hindi words and references in the Satcharitra, we have added an extensive Glossary.

It is available from, you can click right on this link here, to see it and purchase from amazon. It is also possible to "read inside the book", actually inside of the different editions, the kindle and paperback are two separate works.

It's available also at,, and on all the other amazons worldwide. It is my fervent hope that everyone reading this blog, at least takes a look now at the Sri Sai Satcharitra.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why I am not an atheist...

Why am I not an atheist....For all my parents intentions I should be an atheist...that's what I was taught. Not a hatred of religion but the idea that "we" are better and smarter and more accomplished because we don't believe in any GOD, but we believe in certain humanistic rights, whose rules are very similar to those of the religions my parents left behind. But we are better.

I never felt better, with all their boozing and pills and fighting. But I never let that bring me to a GOD. No God came in the back door, but to GOD all doors into our soul are front doors. GOD came in with TM of all things - Transcendental Meditation that I learned when I was fifteen and suffering deeply emotionally, and most from one constant tension headache I had had since seventh grade.

I learned TM and the headache went. I continued meditating and life got better; something really profound was also happening, GOD had found me! My spiritual eyes and ears were opening. For me it was a real experience...within a year I was seeing angels, yes some had wings, seeing the Divine and hearing the Divine, and in two years I was no one's little atheist in training anymore.

I embrace the Divine as I experience the Divine - I embrace Jesus Christ as I experience HIM in my life daily...I embrace Shirdi Sai Baba as an amazing Divine force that cares not who or what we are or have been.

Often when I am in Church (Marble Collegiate Church) I feel and see HIM - Jesus - not in my mind and not in the pews, but as a very real living presence, a true mystical experience.

It is not us or our earthly parents who chooses our GOD for us, but our true Father who chooses us for HIM. And thank God for that, otherwise I would still be an atheist.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bringing the Snake Under Control - Healing Kundalini Crisis

Many people need immediate help in the case of a Kundalini 'crisis' (usually due to the spontaneous & unintentional awakening of Kundalini energy). Only one who has mastered the Kundalini can actually control and direct the energy. It is very difficult to control the energy, because Kundalini is Shakti - pure power - Herself. When Shakti begins to move within your system, her only goal is to 'burn' everything away, until there is nothing left of you but pure power. 'You' become 'Her.' The reason for this, is to unite your soul with the Universal Soul - the soul of her other half, which is Shiva.

   Learn More on my website about kundalini -

All of this sounds wonderful in theory - but when you are in the throes of a high-speed, unstoppable Kundalini crisis, union with Shiva sounds like the absolute worst thing you can imagine. As part of the Hindu Trimurti (the trinity of powers which create, preserve & destroy), Shiva is the God of destruction/death. The Goddess Kali is his female counterpart. Thus Kundalini Shakti can take the form of Kali, and this makes her appear most terrifying.

However, for the person in the midst of a Kundalini crisis, trying to be brave or unafraid is futile. A Kundalini awakening is completely different from any other experience in the universe. 'Normal' things that would work in any other situation - such as positive thinking, affirmations, etc - do not work in this case. In truth, they only exacerbate whatever problem you're having. The more you deny your feelings about the crisis, the more intense they are going to be, and the less control you are going to have over them. This is because the Kundalini now controls 'you.' It's not because she wants to torture you; it's because she wants 'you' to overcome all limitations - to become a God or Goddess in your own right. But this is unattainable if you lose your body and/or mind, which is entirely possible in a Kundalini crisis.

Kundalini Options - How I can Help!

There are several Kundalini specific processes that I do, in addition to Soul Healing and Healing for disease. For Kundalini there is a process to gain control, second process is to blocks in chakras, so it flows more clearly, third process is to awaken or reawaken.

Immediate help is available for a Kundalini Crisis or awakening of Kundalini energy. I have mastered the Kundalini energy and can control and direct the energy in others. With this method, Kundalini Syndrome, the uncontrolled Shakti will be stopped.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Healing is for everyone ... Om Sai Ram!

There are no obstacles to healing once one allows the power of the Divine to take all that is the cause of suffering within. All the old karma, all the old energy, all the old poison.

Baba takes all of this. Shirdi Sai Baba is a manifestation of the Divine upon the earth.

Baba by His Divine Grace has allowed me to heal with His energy and power. With the all powerful fire, that is under the control of Sai at all times.

Be healed here - now! Click to know more about the process.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to School for a MDiv Degree

I am starting a journey into a new life which is the fulfillment of the spiritual path I started when I was 15 and learned TM. I have just been accepted into the M.Div. (Master of Divinity) program at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Now I will truly be following in the footsteps of my ancestors, my 9th Great Grandfather, Rev. Johannes Theodorus Polheim - first Pastor of the Flatbush Reformed Church in 1654, and Rev. Cornelius Cozine, my 6th Great Grandfather, Pastor to the Low Dutch Colony at Conewago, PA from 1772 till his death in 1788.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why am I not an atheist?

Why am I not an atheist....

For all my parents intentions I should be an atheist...that's what I was taught. Not a hatred of religion but the idea that "we" are better and smarter and more accomplished because we don't believe in any GOD, but we believe in certain humanistic rights, whose rules are very similar to those of the religions my parents left behind. But we are better.

I never felt better, with all their boozing and pills and fighting. But I never let that bring me to a GOD. No God came in the back door, but to GOD all doors into our soul are front doors. GOD came in with TM of all things - Transcendental Meditation that I learned when I was fifteen and suffering deeply emotionally, and most from one constant tension headache I had had since seventh grade.

I learned TM and the headache went. I continued meditating and life got better; something really profound was also happening, GOD had found me! My spiritual eyes and ears were opening. For me it was a real experience...within a year I was seeing angels, yes some had wings, seeing the Divine and hearing the Divine, and in two years I was no one's little atheist in training anymore.

I embrace the Divine as I experience the Divine - I embrace Jesus Christ as I experience HIM in my life daily...I embrace Shirdi Sai Baba as an amazing Divine force that cares not who or what we are or have been.

Often when I am in Church ( Marble Collegiate Church) I feel and see HIM - Jesus - not in my mind and not in the pews, but as a very real living presence, a true mystical experience.

It is not us or our earthly parents who chooses our GOD for us, but our true Father who chooses us for HIM. And thank God for that, otherwise I would still be an atheist.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I pop up in this article - evan vs voodoo

Healing With Jesus & Christian Healing Prayer

The Healing Energy of Jesus is for many people the most well-known. The most well documented healings in the Western world are those credited to Jesus and The Apostles. In the early Christian Church, healing was a major part of the Ministry, in the last twenty years we have again been blessed to witness a revival of Healing within Christian Churches.

I have been working with the energy of Jesus since 2009 when I received a stone that He held and blessed as part of a secret mystical process in India. I have now received direction from the Divine to offer to everyone,  Healing with the Energy and Divine Love of Jesus.  All of the processes that I do with the Energy of Jesus, which are primarily for physical ailments and conditions, incorporate into them Christian Healing Prayer.

Some people have asked, "How can someone with a strong connection to an Indian Saint like Shirdi Baba, who was not a Christian, offer Healing in the name of Jesus?" While Baba was not Christian, he also was neither a Hindu nor a Moslem. But rather he spoke always of the Unity of Religions, and that GOD was everywhere.

This is very similar to the work and teaching of Jesus, who lived as a Jewish Reformer, not preaching a new religion, but offering new way for man to know GOD and experience the living waters.

I am blessed to be a member of the Reformed Church, where I try to attend services twice a week.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

As a Spiritual Healer, as a Devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and as a Christian, I implore anyone who believes in World Peace to set aside twenty minutes today to meditate and pray for peace, to pray that the USA does not unleash "The Dogs of War" once again upon the Earth.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pulled by The Divine to New York City

For the last few years, the pull from the Divine to move to New York City, has been really strong. I guess I hesitated not knowing how all the details would work out. But of course in it's unstoppable way the Divine wins out in the end. At least in my life. The kids and I moved to the city at the beginning of the school year, with the force of the Divine pushing all reason aside. The Divine, Nature, God, just organized everything beautifully from the beginning. Everything fell into place. Now as the kids complete their first year of school in New York City, I can say this turned out to be the best thing for my kids ever. It's like they were just waiting for me to do it. They have thrived in their new schools. They have friends that they have so much in common and settled in like they have always been city kids. Sometimes, you need to make that leap, leap of faith, and let the Universe pull everything together.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Heartbreak and Kama Energy

Probably the most importnant thing I try to impress on my clients is that they are not so much in a “karmic loop” but rather caught in their own kama – desire. Think Kama Sutras. That kama – or sexual desire is the underlying energy that is responsible for the continuation of this creation, or really I should say, illusion. Known in the Vedas as Maya, the illusion created by the Divine Mother.

It is only the kama desire that is strong enough to make a smart woman do stupid things. Or a smart man. It is kama – even if unfulfilled or unrealized – that has this seeming unseen power to hold people in “bad” relationships. It is only after someone understands the nature of kama – that it is equally creative and destructive – that they are able to escape the influence of kama to some extent.

Kama – sexual desire – is not something to be toyed with or trivialzed – it is more powerful than our own ego. While we may believe we have it under control – kama is more powerful and will always control us.

It is important to let go of the illusion of control that sex gives us at certain points in our life. Because it is always the other way around.

Many relationships that are ruled by kama are karmic in nature. It is likely an unfulfilled desire from a past life – this is especially true whenever we feel a strong connection. Just because you feel that strong attachment, does not mean it is a good idea to have sex with that person. That is how the kama binds us more strongly against all reason and against our own stated moral ideals.

Women are more likely than men to seek help or understanding from healers, psychics and friends for relationship issues. Men though have just as many or more fucked up problems with the girls they desire, lust after and bed.

Often a guy has a clear idea that his girlfriend or wife is cheating on him, but because of all his own kama and pain, he chooses to look away from what is right there. To be a “man” and deal with it. Men imagine that if they change something, she will be faithful, that if they improve their sex (kama) lives with that partner, the problem will resolve. Of course that never happens, as the problem – the sex – kama – addiction is too strong for both partners. The female who wants it over and over again from another and the male who “loves” her – but it is only kama playing on both of them.

But it is women who suffer more accutely because of this. Heartbreak is far more devestating to women than to men. I see so many broken hearted women who once had everything with a guy and when it went away they can’t de-attach, and they cling to that guy or an even worst version to try to get back to the happiness they may never know again.

By breaking the illusion of kama people can break out of the endless cyle of karma that causes pain over and over in this life and future lives.

By breaking the illusion of kama I do not mean to imply that sex is bad or should be avoided at all. But rather understand what is really happening in your life. That that “soul mate” you “love” so much, is really just a kama addiction from a past life.

My free advice: First move away from the relationship that is causing pain – confusion etc… and then try to understand how kama drives us to make the same mistakes over and over again. Be brutally honest with yourself and your friends about your secrets, your kama and then maybe it is possible to be freed from a continued cycle of pain, or causing other people pain.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Making a connection to Jesus

Mostly I am working with the energy of Shirdi Sai Baba, but from time to time I am called to work with Jesus. The following is written by a student of mine, Brea Baines, and recounts her recent experience with my healing work and Jesus.

"My entire life, I'd always had this basic fear of 'accepting' or connecting to Jesus, and a distinct refusal/inability to trust him or any knowledge that had to do with him. When I was really young, I didn't question this; I just assumed I was not aligned with Christianity and that was that. However, once my spiritual & psychic abilities began to awaken, I could no longer deny the bizarre (and unexplainable) feelings I had toward Christianity. For example, my first panic attack occurred at the Vatican when I was 13. Immediately upon entering, I had to fight so hard to keep from losing all control - I felt like my body was on fire, I couldn't breathe, my chest was constricting... it took everything I had not to faint, or fall down & burst into tears. Even after that incident, I didn't understand what was going on. I thought my panic attack was due to the overwhelming number of people and energies in the place.

Fast forward a few years, to age 17: this is when I had a Kundalini awakening, which - aside from causing many other unfathomable experiences - gave me the deep knowing that I had a past life with Jesus. Not much else emerged from that deep knowing, besides the feeling that I had been very close to him.

Now, at age 19, I can finally say I understand these past issues that have caused me a great deal of pain, but it is all because of Evan's connection to Divine Souls & Masters like Jesus. A few weeks ago, I began to have very vague, imprecise visions of my past life with Jesus, so I brought them to Evan's attention. Stronger than the visions themselves were the emotions attached to the past life. I told Evan what I felt, and he validated my emotions by piecing together the puzzle of that past life (via clear visions/knowledge that I was not yet able to access).

Once THAT mystery was solved, I then felt anger: toward Jesus, and also toward the fact that I was not in complete harmony with his energy. It was as though I wanted to resolve the 'conflict' I felt, or heal the split/separation between us. I didn't say any of this to Evan, though; I just expressed how angry I was. But in the middle of my ranting, Evan asked if I had ever seen his 'Jesus rock,' a power object which is imbued with the Divine energy of Jesus. I didn't remember if I had ever seen it or not. Evan took it out and asked if I wanted to experience its energy. Without thinking, I said, "sure, why not?" Evan placed the Jesus rock on my forehead, and immediately, I felt an ENORMOUS wave of love and energy flow from my crown chakra down through the rest of my chakras. After about 5 seconds, my body involuntarily jolted away from the rock, and I felt a quick 'zap' of energy in my third eye, where the rock had been. I just stared at Evan, wordless. I had never felt ANYTHING like that in my life! Suddenly, so many things made sense; I felt Divine Love and Power, I felt clarity and understanding, and I felt light, as if useless things had been taken out of me, things I had been trying to remove for a long time. I said to Evan, "I finally understand what Jesus does, and how that differs from Baba" - because I have a clear, unbreakable connection with Shirdi Sai Baba, and I've never had any problem understanding/relating to his energy and magic and 'Lila' (Divine Play). Baba is a powerful Master - of the entire Universe - and he can make OTHERS become powerful Masters like him. But he makes you work really hard to get there. He is Truth. Yes, he is Love too, but that's because Love is only one part of Truth. Truth is everything; it is the Absolute. And merging with the Absolute endows one with the unlimited Power of the Absolute. One's entire ego & human conditioning must be broken/destroyed in order to become Divine in that way. The ego is limited; the Divine is not. Thus Baba's goal - when people ask for enlightenment - is to remove ALL human qualities and limitations and replace them with infinite, Divine Power. This is a process, as you cannot become Divine without first knowing your karma and atoning for it. This is why austerity practices are so important for those who seek enlightenment.

Jesus, on the other hand, balances Baba's work. Before my experience with the Jesus rock, I had been undergoing relentless 'destruction' (of my human ego and everything I've ever known) at Baba's hand. I love Baba's method, though. It's the fast track, and it's kind of like "no pain, no gain." Except sometimes you don't feel like you'll ever experience the Heaven you're looking for; you just feel like disappearing and never existing again. But, for me, that pain is worth it.

Now Jesus has provided me with a whole new experience (the Divine is good at doing that!), and this experience complements my other experience, that being Baba's grace. Jesus gives us the Absolute through Divine Love & selflessness. Without these aspects, the Absolute would be incomplete (obviously), and unlimited Power would not exist. Unlimited Power is the result of Divine Love & selflessness. Jesus resonates with pure, unconditional Love; anyone can reach him through this channel. He can fulfill any and all desires, and this is a direct result of his Divine Love."

I can't say that everyone will have the same experience as Brea, but everyone who has had the opportunity to receive the direct blessing of Jesus through the "Jesus Rock", has felt it to be a unique and life affirming event.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My 15 Minutes of Fame Healing on Redneck Vacation

After waiting for six months, finally I had my almost fifteen minutes of fame. My Big Redneck Vacation episode came and went last weekend with little fanfare and I still don't know what to make of the show. You can view the full episode here - Redneck Vacation episode 108.

It was a wonderful opportunity for 800,000 viewers to experience a puja to Shirdi Sai Baba the Indian Saint. Also, later in the show I was able to teach the women Baba's mantra, "Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai." I was really happy that the producers kept both of these scenes in the show, that was what was important for me. So much else was edited out, but that was fine.

During the filming of my portion of My Big Redneck Vacation, (a CMT reality show), the cameras were on all the time, except when the director said cut, and then sent all the men downstairs. That was the "set-up", the creation of artificial conflict that reality television thrives on.

The "reality" was that everyone, men and women in the family, were very happy during the healing that I did with them. Besides giving a black rock for protection to one of the men, I also gave everyone either rudraksha bead or crystal necklaces or bracelets or amulets. In the scenes downstairs the men can be seen still wearing their amulets and beads. The TV "reality" was that only the women liked what I was doing and the men had to get their womenfolk back to their Redneck roots. Which they did some days later by pouring beer on them and throwing mud on them, which by what we see on TV, everyone enjoyed.

If I had it to do over, there is very little I would change. I was able to facilitate Shirdi Sai Baba's energy flowing out to everyone who watched the show, everyone watching received some level of healing, whether they knew it or not... So that was good... that was Divine.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"I'm a little bit psychic" - Redneck Vacation

Last year I got a call from a television production company, Pink Sneakers Productions, based out of Miami. They were going to be filming a reality series in The Hamptons in the summer and they were looking for a healer for one episode. Of course, without thinking I volunteered. They came to the house and filmed me in a kind of interview, and they said they would get back to me. I then pretty much forgot about it. Or tried to anyway. Just thinking, "if Shirdi Sai Baba wants it, then it will be."

Well, eventually they called and they wanted to use me, and was I still up for it? "Hell Yes!", as they might say on the show. The day of the filming came and the guy from Pink Sneakers called and said there was delay, and they would see me maybe in a week. I started to think, "is this going to happen or what"? The waiting was crazy. Yes, it did happen. The show is now on the air, it is MY BIG REDNECK VACATION, on CMT. Saturdays at 9:30pm and then repeated many times during the week. Its the story of a Big down-home Louisiana family that rents a house in the Hamptons, East Hampton to be exact. I am the healer / Guru called upon by the family as they get ready for a wedding.

I caught a glimpse of myself on last night's episode, a promo for next Saturday night, when I am on. It was weird, seeing myself. But I guess that is how people feel seeing themselves on TV for the first time. I am going to be healing with Baba's Energy before a National audience. They say this series is CMTs highest rated ever.

The synopsis has me a bit nervous though;

The girls get motivated to adopt the Hamptons healthy living lifestyle in an effort to shape up for the up-coming wedding. They seem to lose their minds as they attempt to drag their men to yoga, tennis, and tea parties. But when a guru stops by, the guys decide to take matters into their own hands to win their women folk back with a redneck baptism.

Here is the link where you can read more about it:

Tune in next week and let me know how I did.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lifting Heartbreak

Medical science and the pharmaceutical industry has made major advances in the last 20 years. There are new medicines for cancer and AIDS and diabetes. But one area there has been no pill or drug created for is heartbreak.

In the healing work that I do, one of the first areas that is addressed is heartbreak.

Heartbreak as Root Cause of Sickness

There are seven energy centers in the body, known as the chakras, running in a central energetic channel in our body. Starting at the base or Root Chakra, then the next is the navel or some think of it as the "sex" chakra, to the Solar Plexus the seat of our will, next Heart Chakra and then the throat, and between the eyes is the Third Eye, and at the top of the head is the Crown.

The most important for our purposes is the Heart Chakra, it is through this that we are energetically linked to everyone we know. When a child is born, immediately there is a link energetically between mother and child at the Heart Chakra.

Most important are parents, children, siblings, and of course romantic interests and partners. Because of breaks that occur or may appear in relationships, there is the potential for a lot of problems to flow to the heart. So a lot of damage does occur here in heart chakra. Each heartbreak is like a killing, like a small killing sometimes, the pains we all know and then want to forget.

Heartbreak Layered on Heartbreak

The first heartbreaks, somehow that come in early childhood, most recover from. But sometimes, I see that the energy moves in an unhealthy way from the heart center into other areas. Often in childhood, the energy is shifted into the head, the Sixth Chakra, the Third Eye becomes blinded, and confusion sets in. The child begins to have a lot of emotional and concentration and focusing issues.

Heartbreak cuts our creativity and becomes eventually disease. While at first, most people are getting over or recovering from heartbreaks, sometimes a heartbreak comes and its just too much to recover from. Heartbreaks on top of old heartbreaks become depression and other disease. This is where so much of illness and disease comes from. Not just heart disease, but also cancers and other diseases are often found in people who have received big shocks to the heart.

I have had the honor of working with over 2,000 clients, many of them remote in other countries, and communicating just by email, also many in-person clients. So many times, I find that the root cause of whatever the problem is, comes back to some heartbreak. Many times these heartbreaks can become like giant fears. So always the first thing I am doing is taking the fear and the heartbreak.

Once that real physical pain of heartbreak goes, there is so much relief.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Divine Grants Boons

While I call myself a "healer," my work is really much more than healing. Soul Healing, that is taking someone's deepest pain opening them up to a new future is the highest profession I can imagine and I am eternally grateful to my Gurus for opening those healing channels.

Some people come to me for psychic work, seeing into the future and some people have problems with disembodied souls and spirits, but my most interesting work is with "changing outcomes," as I like to call it. Often it is businessmen who desire assistance with a business deal and I have worked with several people who had made mistakes and were in some legal jeopardy.

Once I was hired by a client in Ecuador who owned about half a million acres of land, and he needed a signature from a government official to be able to sell it. He had been trying to get the signature for over two years; he had hired lawyers, he had even tried to bribe the guy, but nothing was working. Finally he came to me with his problem. Once I determined that there was nothing "wrong" with what he wanted, I started the process. Within one week he had the signature and the right to sell his land. This kind of issue is not "healing" and so my fee varies, in this case it was pretty high.

In another case I worked with a local East Hampton girl, who was needing to move on in her personal life -- she needed a better job and to move out of her family home. After the process - within a month or so - everything became much better for her, she got what she wanted for so long. In her case since she had very little money, my fee was very low.

People have desires for certain things, and if in an easy way I can help them, then it is a kind of healing. A block of some kind is removed. Is it karma I am dealing with and changing? Well, maybe you can look at it that way. What I am really doing is changing the outcome, but this does not work in every case. I try to only take cases where I can "see" what will work and then explain what the limits are or the boundaries of the situation to the client.

There are problems of all kinds that come into peoples lives and there are ways to remove those problems. I help in anyway I can.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Navapashana or Navapashanam Beads

Right after the Immortal Enlightenment program, this Past July, I started wearing navapashanam beads (they are also called navapashana). They are man-made, but from an ancient process, invented over 5000 years ago by Siddha Bhogar.
"Siddha" refers to a being who has achieved a high degree of spiritual and physical perfection or enlightenment. The ultimate demonstration of this is the attainment of immortality. A Siddha has realized the goal of a type of Sadhana (spiritual practice) and become a perfected being. Often people on the path to that assumed perfection ingest special Rasayanas (alchemical elixirs) to perfect their bodies; this allows them to sustain prolonged meditation & pranayama practices.
Navapashanam is probably the top rasayana.

When searching on google there are references to navapashana or navapashanam (don't know why the different pronunciation), and most say it is nearly impossible to find the beads today. I guess I was lucky. Turns out there are a few families of vaidyas (siddha medicine practitioners) and in there lineage they have always been making navapashana, for thousands of years.

My source, who I have been doing business with for years, tells the story, that when he visited with the vaidya who has inherited the process, he found a line of hundreds of people, poor people from villages who have various illnesses, who come weekly to receive a small cup of the Navapashanam water. So for my friend, that was the evidence that this was legitimate navapashanam.

Sri Bhogar (or Bhoganathar) is a ‘trikalagnani’ - one who can predict the future. He saw that in the future human beings would suffer from many strange diseases, such as cancer, and AIDS. So he created Navapashanam for the future - our time. He was the "father" of Siddha Medicine, it transforms the chemical make-up of the body, rejuvenates dysfunctional organs and eliminates the cause of disease.

It turns out that Navapashana is the most sought-after "secret" of these early Siddhas. I didn't know any of this when I aquired the beads I have, but I just started wearing them, and drinking water that a bead soaks in overnight... wow that is powerful. After a month I started to notice some subtle and not so subtle changes. People have actually commented that I look younger...well we will see. But so far so good.

I have a page for navapashanam on my site and a navapashanam facebook page

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visiting Balaji

My thoughts today are about the impending hurricane and changing the weather by divine means or prayer or something.
When I first went to India, my Guru Swami Kaleshwar gave me an amulet on a chain for me to wear. A power object. It was a small casting of a God, but I didn't know which one. Later some long time students of Kaleshwar noticed what I was wearing and explained that it was "Lord Venkateswara" also known as Balaji, who is an incarnation of the God Vishnu (Brahma is the Creator, Shiva the Destroyer and Vishnu is the Maintainer).
It was mentioned that it was rare for Swami to give a power object of Lord Balaji and so they felt I should visit Tirupati, where a massive Temple complex dedicated to Balaji is located. I said I would think about it. But, truthfully I didn't have enough money for any more excursions, even in India.
Well that's what I thought. A few days later I found myself in Bangalore, almost broke and waiting for my flight back to New York and I got a call from a friend at the ashram. Tom wanted to know if I would like to make two hundred dollars delivering some paintings to someone in the States. Well, there was the money I would need to visit Balaji.
An hour later I had the paintings and the two hundred dollars and a taxi for the next twenty-four hours. I was on my way to Triupati to have darshan of the Lord. But first I needed to make it through seven hours in the taxi with a driver who was in danger of falling asleep at any moment. Miraculously he didn't and i arrived there whole.
Triupati, or more correctly, Tirumala, is the wealthiest pilgrimage site in the world, with hundreds of millions of dollars donated annually; and after the Vatican its the second most visited religious site.
After leaving my shoes and cell phone with the driver, I paid a one hundred rupee fee at some very complicated and typically Indian office, which involved a lot of rubber stamping of some papers, to move ahead in the line. Probably the best two dollars I have ever spent as it saved me ten hours in the line.
Still it was to be five more hours before I would have my darshan. Darshan is a little difficult to define, but kind of means to see the Divine and receive from the Divine a blessing or boon at that same moment.
In India, Lord Venkateswara is where people go for everything. If you need a husband, go to Him. If you want success in a new busineess, He's the one. A couple wants a child, and modern medicine is failing them, Balaji will grant their desire...grant a boon. As I got closer and closer, I began to think about what my wish or desire was. What would I do and ask for when I had the Darshan. What boon did I really want.
I noticed the people in front of me, the Indians, being given about two seconds each to stand at the statue of Balaji, and then they were roughly pushed along. I had better rehearse what I was going to ask Him for. My boon. When it was my turn, I closed my eyes and concentrated, said my wish to Him, then a guard grabbed my shoulder and said, very commanding, "open your eyes, look at the God with your two eyes", okay...I did, but then he held me there for what seemed like an eternity, looking at the Lord and receiving His Darshan. As I was held in place, the guards continued to push everyone else by me. And after a minute or so, it was my turn to move on.
I wondered what I received, and a few years later I am still waiting for my boon to manifest, but I don't doubt that it will. You see, earlier that same day, the Chief Minister - the Governor of the State of Andra Pradesh, had a private darshan with Lord Venkateswara to ask for rain. There had been another terrible drought in Andra Pradesh, with crops failing and it hadn't rained for over a month. The next day it rained and rained... ending the drought for that year. That is how they control the weather in India. Politicians make a pilgrimage to God. Perhaps we should try that today.