Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Divine Grants Boons

While I call myself a "healer," my work is really much more than healing. Soul Healing, that is taking someone's deepest pain opening them up to a new future is the highest profession I can imagine and I am eternally grateful to my Gurus for opening those healing channels.

Some people come to me for psychic work, seeing into the future and some people have problems with disembodied souls and spirits, but my most interesting work is with "changing outcomes," as I like to call it. Often it is businessmen who desire assistance with a business deal and I have worked with several people who had made mistakes and were in some legal jeopardy.

Once I was hired by a client in Ecuador who owned about half a million acres of land, and he needed a signature from a government official to be able to sell it. He had been trying to get the signature for over two years; he had hired lawyers, he had even tried to bribe the guy, but nothing was working. Finally he came to me with his problem. Once I determined that there was nothing "wrong" with what he wanted, I started the process. Within one week he had the signature and the right to sell his land. This kind of issue is not "healing" and so my fee varies, in this case it was pretty high.

In another case I worked with a local East Hampton girl, who was needing to move on in her personal life -- she needed a better job and to move out of her family home. After the process - within a month or so - everything became much better for her, she got what she wanted for so long. In her case since she had very little money, my fee was very low.

People have desires for certain things, and if in an easy way I can help them, then it is a kind of healing. A block of some kind is removed. Is it karma I am dealing with and changing? Well, maybe you can look at it that way. What I am really doing is changing the outcome, but this does not work in every case. I try to only take cases where I can "see" what will work and then explain what the limits are or the boundaries of the situation to the client.

There are problems of all kinds that come into peoples lives and there are ways to remove those problems. I help in anyway I can.

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  1. Om Sai,

    Sir I stumbled across your blog, I love Baba very much?
    Do you speak to Baba to solve other's problem ( please do not get offended) because I wish I could get Baba's grace through you for the problem I'm facing.
    Thank You

    Sai Rules.


Thanks for your comment ... hope I can approve it soon. Evananda