Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Divine Grants Boons

While I call myself a "healer," my work is really much more than healing. Soul Healing, that is taking someone's deepest pain opening them up to a new future is the highest profession I can imagine and I am eternally grateful to my Gurus for opening those healing channels.

Some people come to me for psychic work, seeing into the future and some people have problems with disembodied souls and spirits, but my most interesting work is with "changing outcomes," as I like to call it. Often it is businessmen who desire assistance with a business deal and I have worked with several people who had made mistakes and were in some legal jeopardy.

Once I was hired by a client in Ecuador who owned about half a million acres of land, and he needed a signature from a government official to be able to sell it. He had been trying to get the signature for over two years; he had hired lawyers, he had even tried to bribe the guy, but nothing was working. Finally he came to me with his problem. Once I determined that there was nothing "wrong" with what he wanted, I started the process. Within one week he had the signature and the right to sell his land. This kind of issue is not "healing" and so my fee varies, in this case it was pretty high.

In another case I worked with a local East Hampton girl, who was needing to move on in her personal life -- she needed a better job and to move out of her family home. After the process - within a month or so - everything became much better for her, she got what she wanted for so long. In her case since she had very little money, my fee was very low.

People have desires for certain things, and if in an easy way I can help them, then it is a kind of healing. A block of some kind is removed. Is it karma I am dealing with and changing? Well, maybe you can look at it that way. What I am really doing is changing the outcome, but this does not work in every case. I try to only take cases where I can "see" what will work and then explain what the limits are or the boundaries of the situation to the client.

There are problems of all kinds that come into peoples lives and there are ways to remove those problems. I help in anyway I can.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Navapashana or Navapashanam Beads

Right after the Immortal Enlightenment program, this Past July, I started wearing navapashanam beads (they are also called navapashana). They are man-made, but from an ancient process, invented over 5000 years ago by Siddha Bhogar.
"Siddha" refers to a being who has achieved a high degree of spiritual and physical perfection or enlightenment. The ultimate demonstration of this is the attainment of immortality. A Siddha has realized the goal of a type of Sadhana (spiritual practice) and become a perfected being. Often people on the path to that assumed perfection ingest special Rasayanas (alchemical elixirs) to perfect their bodies; this allows them to sustain prolonged meditation & pranayama practices.
Navapashanam is probably the top rasayana.

When searching on google there are references to navapashana or navapashanam (don't know why the different pronunciation), and most say it is nearly impossible to find the beads today. I guess I was lucky. Turns out there are a few families of vaidyas (siddha medicine practitioners) and in there lineage they have always been making navapashana, for thousands of years.

My source, who I have been doing business with for years, tells the story, that when he visited with the vaidya who has inherited the process, he found a line of hundreds of people, poor people from villages who have various illnesses, who come weekly to receive a small cup of the Navapashanam water. So for my friend, that was the evidence that this was legitimate navapashanam.

Sri Bhogar (or Bhoganathar) is a ‘trikalagnani’ - one who can predict the future. He saw that in the future human beings would suffer from many strange diseases, such as cancer, and AIDS. So he created Navapashanam for the future - our time. He was the "father" of Siddha Medicine, it transforms the chemical make-up of the body, rejuvenates dysfunctional organs and eliminates the cause of disease.

It turns out that Navapashana is the most sought-after "secret" of these early Siddhas. I didn't know any of this when I aquired the beads I have, but I just started wearing them, and drinking water that a bead soaks in overnight... wow that is powerful. After a month I started to notice some subtle and not so subtle changes. People have actually commented that I look younger...well we will see. But so far so good.

I have a page for navapashanam on my site and a navapashanam facebook page

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visiting Balaji

My thoughts today are about the impending hurricane and changing the weather by divine means or prayer or something.
When I first went to India, my Guru Swami Kaleshwar gave me an amulet on a chain for me to wear. A power object. It was a small casting of a God, but I didn't know which one. Later some long time students of Kaleshwar noticed what I was wearing and explained that it was "Lord Venkateswara" also known as Balaji, who is an incarnation of the God Vishnu (Brahma is the Creator, Shiva the Destroyer and Vishnu is the Maintainer).
It was mentioned that it was rare for Swami to give a power object of Lord Balaji and so they felt I should visit Tirupati, where a massive Temple complex dedicated to Balaji is located. I said I would think about it. But, truthfully I didn't have enough money for any more excursions, even in India.
Well that's what I thought. A few days later I found myself in Bangalore, almost broke and waiting for my flight back to New York and I got a call from a friend at the ashram. Tom wanted to know if I would like to make two hundred dollars delivering some paintings to someone in the States. Well, there was the money I would need to visit Balaji.
An hour later I had the paintings and the two hundred dollars and a taxi for the next twenty-four hours. I was on my way to Triupati to have darshan of the Lord. But first I needed to make it through seven hours in the taxi with a driver who was in danger of falling asleep at any moment. Miraculously he didn't and i arrived there whole.
Triupati, or more correctly, Tirumala, is the wealthiest pilgrimage site in the world, with hundreds of millions of dollars donated annually; and after the Vatican its the second most visited religious site.
After leaving my shoes and cell phone with the driver, I paid a one hundred rupee fee at some very complicated and typically Indian office, which involved a lot of rubber stamping of some papers, to move ahead in the line. Probably the best two dollars I have ever spent as it saved me ten hours in the line.
Still it was to be five more hours before I would have my darshan. Darshan is a little difficult to define, but kind of means to see the Divine and receive from the Divine a blessing or boon at that same moment.
In India, Lord Venkateswara is where people go for everything. If you need a husband, go to Him. If you want success in a new busineess, He's the one. A couple wants a child, and modern medicine is failing them, Balaji will grant their desire...grant a boon. As I got closer and closer, I began to think about what my wish or desire was. What would I do and ask for when I had the Darshan. What boon did I really want.
I noticed the people in front of me, the Indians, being given about two seconds each to stand at the statue of Balaji, and then they were roughly pushed along. I had better rehearse what I was going to ask Him for. My boon. When it was my turn, I closed my eyes and concentrated, said my wish to Him, then a guard grabbed my shoulder and said, very commanding, "open your eyes, look at the God with your two eyes", okay...I did, but then he held me there for what seemed like an eternity, looking at the Lord and receiving His Darshan. As I was held in place, the guards continued to push everyone else by me. And after a minute or so, it was my turn to move on.
I wondered what I received, and a few years later I am still waiting for my boon to manifest, but I don't doubt that it will. You see, earlier that same day, the Chief Minister - the Governor of the State of Andra Pradesh, had a private darshan with Lord Venkateswara to ask for rain. There had been another terrible drought in Andra Pradesh, with crops failing and it hadn't rained for over a month. The next day it rained and rained... ending the drought for that year. That is how they control the weather in India. Politicians make a pilgrimage to God. Perhaps we should try that today.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shani in 2009 July

Boy Genius Bicycle Mechanic finds God

I haven't always been a healer. Well not until I was 15 anyway. I was working in Jon Foster's bicycle store in Amagansett Square, and I was suffering. Misery, tension headaches, stress ... maybe typical. It was summer 1973, there was a poster for Transcendental Meditation, claiming to reduce tension and stress ... seemed like it could be my salvation. That was the TM of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Beatles.
When the appointed time arrived, I went for my initiation in a house on West End Road on Georgica Pond. It was more that I expected, an altar with incense and flowers and a picture of Guru Dev, who it was explained was Maharishi's teacher. My teacher, a girl in her early twenties, sang a little song, a Puja, and after about ten minutes, I was "Initiated." I had a mantra and a technique and my life changed.
Within a few days the tension and stress vanished. I was "healed." During that initiation there had been a transmission of Divine Energy from somewhere beyond, and I was hooked. I was now being pulled along on a Spiritual Path. And I wanted nothing more than to share this "healing" with the world.
In short order I found myself in several European resorts in the off-season, attending TM Teacher Training and advanced programs. In the most well known of these, we were to levitate. If "levitiation" was a big bust for the Maharishi, the meditiation continued to produce some results for me. But as years went by, and I continued meditiating with my trusty mantra, life and its associated problems began to take over.
TM and me had hit a spiritual "plateau." And then a few years ago, through another TM Teacher I learned of an amazing Guru, who was doing phenomenal healings around the world, curing cancers and all kind of illness and heartbreaks. This was Sri Kaleshwar Swami, a young married guru with an ashram in South India, in a small town call Penukonda.
Hearing his name, making that connection, was all that was needed. Energy and healing began to flow to me, and through me. This was by the grace of Kaleshwar's Master, Shirdi Sai Baba, a great Siddha and healing Saint, who left his mortal body in 1918.
Since that "meeting" four years ago, I have been healing full time with the energy of Shirdi Sai Baba. My work is at the "soul" level, which is the most powerful kind of healing and accessible everywhere. I work out of my house in Amagansett, and I have been blessed to have in some way helped over two thousand people. I see people both in-person and remotely, all over the world. People have experienced un-explainable results and healing. I mean by that, there is often no explanation that can be provided as to how the healing occurred, except that it was by Divine Energy.
I now visit Kaleshwar's ashram several times a year, for periods of as short as a week to as long as three months. In addition to the healing work that I do, I am also teaching several divine channels, the Surya and Chandra Nadi processes. Also, on the New Moon and Full moon I lead fire homas, which are purifying fire rituals, where karmas are negated or burnt, and new energies become available.
I will be blogging a few times a week about my work and healing in general and some of the amazing things I have seen on my travels in India.