Thursday, September 1, 2011

Navapashana or Navapashanam Beads

Right after the Immortal Enlightenment program, this Past July, I started wearing navapashanam beads (they are also called navapashana). They are man-made, but from an ancient process, invented over 5000 years ago by Siddha Bhogar.
"Siddha" refers to a being who has achieved a high degree of spiritual and physical perfection or enlightenment. The ultimate demonstration of this is the attainment of immortality. A Siddha has realized the goal of a type of Sadhana (spiritual practice) and become a perfected being. Often people on the path to that assumed perfection ingest special Rasayanas (alchemical elixirs) to perfect their bodies; this allows them to sustain prolonged meditation & pranayama practices.
Navapashanam is probably the top rasayana.

When searching on google there are references to navapashana or navapashanam (don't know why the different pronunciation), and most say it is nearly impossible to find the beads today. I guess I was lucky. Turns out there are a few families of vaidyas (siddha medicine practitioners) and in there lineage they have always been making navapashana, for thousands of years.

My source, who I have been doing business with for years, tells the story, that when he visited with the vaidya who has inherited the process, he found a line of hundreds of people, poor people from villages who have various illnesses, who come weekly to receive a small cup of the Navapashanam water. So for my friend, that was the evidence that this was legitimate navapashanam.

Sri Bhogar (or Bhoganathar) is a ‘trikalagnani’ - one who can predict the future. He saw that in the future human beings would suffer from many strange diseases, such as cancer, and AIDS. So he created Navapashanam for the future - our time. He was the "father" of Siddha Medicine, it transforms the chemical make-up of the body, rejuvenates dysfunctional organs and eliminates the cause of disease.

It turns out that Navapashana is the most sought-after "secret" of these early Siddhas. I didn't know any of this when I aquired the beads I have, but I just started wearing them, and drinking water that a bead soaks in overnight... wow that is powerful. After a month I started to notice some subtle and not so subtle changes. People have actually commented that I look younger...well we will see. But so far so good.

I have a page for navapashanam on my site and a navapashanam facebook page