Monday, August 15, 2016

Astral Body Healing

Heal the Astral Body
The Disconnection
Often when we have been overloaded with shock and trauma, especially early in life, our astral body becomes disconnected from our physical body. This is because the astral body wants to escape and not experience the pain, suffering, torment, grief or abuse that is coming.

Floating Above the Violence
Many people report “floating” above the violence being done to them, witnessing it, with no emotions attached. It’s like a movie, and without any emotional connection with what is happening to the actor during the violence and trauma. People also report feeling emotionally numb in general, this is evidence that there is a disconnect between the astral and physical bodies.

Dream State
Someone who has this disconnection will often experience very graphic or lucid dreams, but as unwanted dreams, even often nightmares, or weird repetitions of the same unwanted energy in the dream state. Crazy and unwanted dreams or nightmares are a clear symptom of astral disconnection. 

Childhood Trauma
Any person who grew up in an abusive or very dysfunctional childhood will feel so threatened at different times, that the astral body can become conditioned over time to escape, rather than remaining in in the physical body when it is triggered by stressful situations.

You Must Experience the Pain
It is easy to imagine that not experiencing negative emotions is a good thing, but it is not. When your astral body continually floats away, your mind and body become victims yet again, to the toxic poison that has entered into the unconscious. Eventually, this energetic disconnect leads to physical or mental disease.  The astral body also becomes open to all kinds of attacks when it disconnects from the physical in this way.

The Process for Healing the Astral Body
The process for Healing the Astral Body must, 1. Heal the link between the astral and physical bodies, 2. Restore the ability of the astral body to remain connected and in the physical body at a time of stress, and 3. Remove negative impressions that the astral body has stored over time. The work that I do will fully correct the problems of emotional disconnection (or too much connection) and/or mental “spacey-ness” and poor reaction to stress that may be experienced. The healing of the Astral Body restores it to a state of union before the disconnection was first experienced.

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