Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pulled by The Divine to New York City

For the last few years, the pull from the Divine to move to New York City, has been really strong. I guess I hesitated not knowing how all the details would work out. But of course in it's unstoppable way the Divine wins out in the end. At least in my life. The kids and I moved to the city at the beginning of the school year, with the force of the Divine pushing all reason aside. The Divine, Nature, God, just organized everything beautifully from the beginning. Everything fell into place. Now as the kids complete their first year of school in New York City, I can say this turned out to be the best thing for my kids ever. It's like they were just waiting for me to do it. They have thrived in their new schools. They have friends that they have so much in common and settled in like they have always been city kids. Sometimes, you need to make that leap, leap of faith, and let the Universe pull everything together.

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