Friday, February 13, 2015

Bringing the Snake Under Control - Healing Kundalini Crisis

Many people need immediate help in the case of a Kundalini 'crisis' (usually due to the spontaneous & unintentional awakening of Kundalini energy). Only one who has mastered the Kundalini can actually control and direct the energy. It is very difficult to control the energy, because Kundalini is Shakti - pure power - Herself. When Shakti begins to move within your system, her only goal is to 'burn' everything away, until there is nothing left of you but pure power. 'You' become 'Her.' The reason for this, is to unite your soul with the Universal Soul - the soul of her other half, which is Shiva.

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All of this sounds wonderful in theory - but when you are in the throes of a high-speed, unstoppable Kundalini crisis, union with Shiva sounds like the absolute worst thing you can imagine. As part of the Hindu Trimurti (the trinity of powers which create, preserve & destroy), Shiva is the God of destruction/death. The Goddess Kali is his female counterpart. Thus Kundalini Shakti can take the form of Kali, and this makes her appear most terrifying.

However, for the person in the midst of a Kundalini crisis, trying to be brave or unafraid is futile. A Kundalini awakening is completely different from any other experience in the universe. 'Normal' things that would work in any other situation - such as positive thinking, affirmations, etc - do not work in this case. In truth, they only exacerbate whatever problem you're having. The more you deny your feelings about the crisis, the more intense they are going to be, and the less control you are going to have over them. This is because the Kundalini now controls 'you.' It's not because she wants to torture you; it's because she wants 'you' to overcome all limitations - to become a God or Goddess in your own right. But this is unattainable if you lose your body and/or mind, which is entirely possible in a Kundalini crisis.

Kundalini Options - How I can Help!

There are several Kundalini specific processes that I do, in addition to Soul Healing and Healing for disease. For Kundalini there is a process to gain control, second process is to blocks in chakras, so it flows more clearly, third process is to awaken or reawaken.

Immediate help is available for a Kundalini Crisis or awakening of Kundalini energy. I have mastered the Kundalini energy and can control and direct the energy in others. With this method, Kundalini Syndrome, the uncontrolled Shakti will be stopped.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Healing is for everyone ... Om Sai Ram!

There are no obstacles to healing once one allows the power of the Divine to take all that is the cause of suffering within. All the old karma, all the old energy, all the old poison.

Baba takes all of this. Shirdi Sai Baba is a manifestation of the Divine upon the earth.

Baba by His Divine Grace has allowed me to heal with His energy and power. With the all powerful fire, that is under the control of Sai at all times.

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