Saturday, April 7, 2012

Making a connection to Jesus

Mostly I am working with the energy of Shirdi Sai Baba, but from time to time I am called to work with Jesus. The following is written by a student of mine, Brea Baines, and recounts her recent experience with my healing work and Jesus.

"My entire life, I'd always had this basic fear of 'accepting' or connecting to Jesus, and a distinct refusal/inability to trust him or any knowledge that had to do with him. When I was really young, I didn't question this; I just assumed I was not aligned with Christianity and that was that. However, once my spiritual & psychic abilities began to awaken, I could no longer deny the bizarre (and unexplainable) feelings I had toward Christianity. For example, my first panic attack occurred at the Vatican when I was 13. Immediately upon entering, I had to fight so hard to keep from losing all control - I felt like my body was on fire, I couldn't breathe, my chest was constricting... it took everything I had not to faint, or fall down & burst into tears. Even after that incident, I didn't understand what was going on. I thought my panic attack was due to the overwhelming number of people and energies in the place.

Fast forward a few years, to age 17: this is when I had a Kundalini awakening, which - aside from causing many other unfathomable experiences - gave me the deep knowing that I had a past life with Jesus. Not much else emerged from that deep knowing, besides the feeling that I had been very close to him.

Now, at age 19, I can finally say I understand these past issues that have caused me a great deal of pain, but it is all because of Evan's connection to Divine Souls & Masters like Jesus. A few weeks ago, I began to have very vague, imprecise visions of my past life with Jesus, so I brought them to Evan's attention. Stronger than the visions themselves were the emotions attached to the past life. I told Evan what I felt, and he validated my emotions by piecing together the puzzle of that past life (via clear visions/knowledge that I was not yet able to access).

Once THAT mystery was solved, I then felt anger: toward Jesus, and also toward the fact that I was not in complete harmony with his energy. It was as though I wanted to resolve the 'conflict' I felt, or heal the split/separation between us. I didn't say any of this to Evan, though; I just expressed how angry I was. But in the middle of my ranting, Evan asked if I had ever seen his 'Jesus rock,' a power object which is imbued with the Divine energy of Jesus. I didn't remember if I had ever seen it or not. Evan took it out and asked if I wanted to experience its energy. Without thinking, I said, "sure, why not?" Evan placed the Jesus rock on my forehead, and immediately, I felt an ENORMOUS wave of love and energy flow from my crown chakra down through the rest of my chakras. After about 5 seconds, my body involuntarily jolted away from the rock, and I felt a quick 'zap' of energy in my third eye, where the rock had been. I just stared at Evan, wordless. I had never felt ANYTHING like that in my life! Suddenly, so many things made sense; I felt Divine Love and Power, I felt clarity and understanding, and I felt light, as if useless things had been taken out of me, things I had been trying to remove for a long time. I said to Evan, "I finally understand what Jesus does, and how that differs from Baba" - because I have a clear, unbreakable connection with Shirdi Sai Baba, and I've never had any problem understanding/relating to his energy and magic and 'Lila' (Divine Play). Baba is a powerful Master - of the entire Universe - and he can make OTHERS become powerful Masters like him. But he makes you work really hard to get there. He is Truth. Yes, he is Love too, but that's because Love is only one part of Truth. Truth is everything; it is the Absolute. And merging with the Absolute endows one with the unlimited Power of the Absolute. One's entire ego & human conditioning must be broken/destroyed in order to become Divine in that way. The ego is limited; the Divine is not. Thus Baba's goal - when people ask for enlightenment - is to remove ALL human qualities and limitations and replace them with infinite, Divine Power. This is a process, as you cannot become Divine without first knowing your karma and atoning for it. This is why austerity practices are so important for those who seek enlightenment.

Jesus, on the other hand, balances Baba's work. Before my experience with the Jesus rock, I had been undergoing relentless 'destruction' (of my human ego and everything I've ever known) at Baba's hand. I love Baba's method, though. It's the fast track, and it's kind of like "no pain, no gain." Except sometimes you don't feel like you'll ever experience the Heaven you're looking for; you just feel like disappearing and never existing again. But, for me, that pain is worth it.

Now Jesus has provided me with a whole new experience (the Divine is good at doing that!), and this experience complements my other experience, that being Baba's grace. Jesus gives us the Absolute through Divine Love & selflessness. Without these aspects, the Absolute would be incomplete (obviously), and unlimited Power would not exist. Unlimited Power is the result of Divine Love & selflessness. Jesus resonates with pure, unconditional Love; anyone can reach him through this channel. He can fulfill any and all desires, and this is a direct result of his Divine Love."

I can't say that everyone will have the same experience as Brea, but everyone who has had the opportunity to receive the direct blessing of Jesus through the "Jesus Rock", has felt it to be a unique and life affirming event.


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  2. I am blessed that Baba and Jesus have made the words to come alive in me. The Living Waters flow, without any rules.

    Anyone who wishes can call Jesus GOD and Baba. But I am not asking you to do that, there are different understandings.

    I follow Jesus, and I obey Jesus and Jesus has not claimed exclusivity.

    I am in church twice a week, The Dutch Reformed Church - RCA - Marble Collegiate in New York City.

    We must all learn to appreciate silence, so that the Word of God can descend upon us. Appreciate the total Love of Jesus - "Love Period".

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