Sunday, January 20, 2019

What is Soul Healing - The Podcast

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This interview is about an hour long and we get into a lot of questions. What is Soul Healing, who is Shirdi Sai Baba, the trouble with sex and too many partners, enlightenment, etc...

Intro to Soul Healing

Monday, January 7, 2019

What it means to see into the future... Avoid the Danger that has not yet come!

Often I find myself having to explain to clients just what is happening when I am seeing into the future. First I need to explain that nothing is set in stone, there is free will and our actions or other's actions can and do change the future. Basically the future is always changing as it is just a part of the space-time continuum, I am providing a virtual snapshot, but where the past is rather fixed the future is not.

Here is an example from my mother's life and the first time I ever heard about someone actually correctly predicting the future when I was ten years old. My mom had been an actress, and in her early twenties she and a friend were planning to go to England, it was after the War and the theater in England was making a comeback, in about 1946 or '47. They had purchased tickets on a ship sailing to England from New York, and for some reason went to a fortune teller. They were told that the ship would sink and the psychic saw them both drowning. Well, that pretty much spooked my mom and she decided not to sail to England, but her friend didn't take the warning seriously.

A few days before the planned arrival in England the ship indeed did sink. My mom's friend died as predicted. My mom of course did not. She had exercised her freewill and not sailed, and thereby escaped the death foretold. This is the perfect example of the true value of seeing the future, "to avoid the danger that has not yet come".

When I see the future for a client, I am seeing things at that moment, but all is really energy and if the energy changes, then the conditions and the future can and will change immediately. This is especially true when if the client is engaged in any kind of spiritual practice, because the spiritual practice is always changing the client's future by removing or mitigating past karmas. Which brings me up to what  actually do, what my real work is, which is the work I do to influence or lessen the conditions in the future that are negative and to increase the potential for positive outcomes, that is my main work.

I work on removing the effects of negative past karmas, whether in this life or from past lives, and can focus on specific desired outcomes. Sometimes it is just a question of increasing the benefit of past positive karmas, often the Divine will grant such a desire. And other times, just don't get on that boat that is going to sink!