Saturday, June 9, 2018

Time Travel

Basically I know two ways to travel. I mean old style travel, not the modern kind of travel of the last five thousand years. But the old way. When we flew for real.

I began to slip back into other times when I was seventeen first, and then it just grew. It is like seeing into the future or remote viewing, that also is something that is a gift I have been given. Any travel is going to be easier and more effortless if there is some big gathering of energy. Energy. Energy explodes everything and becomes the "thing" that lets me transcend the here and this finite place. 

Like first in the old remote viewing training by the CIA from the 1960s, first lessons are to see big events. The process is to use big events of the past, but not big enough events that you could ever have known of them. Like first look at a picture of a town in Europe in about 1970 and then automatically connect to it, now do you see the energy of a disaster there at that time? What was the disaster? Was there fire, what do you see?  It all comes. It comes to me because the energy of that past event is strong and is burnt into the record; in Indian tradition this is called the Akashic Record. Akasha is space, space/time an endless record.

Starting pick a place on earth and connect to the energy there, and GO! If you can connect to the energy, and also let go of your ego attachment to where you are sitting, then Bang - you are there. It unfolds all around you, the sights, smells sounds, the people .... follow them watch them go with them. But when you touch them, wow, they freak out. "What was that? Something touched me! Weird", that is what they say. I am a visitor and I can't really communicate with them. Except maybe you'll find someone telepathic and strike up a conversation. "Hey its okay, I'm just a traveler from New York, don't worry." They understand, but no one else does.

But for me the real thing is traveling back. Back in time. As far as possible. Beyond our memory. By memory, it means what I can remember, it is limited by this Yuga - Kali Yuga - to about five thousand years ago. I remember my past lives or anyone's past lives. That is what it is, memory, my memory or your memory that I connect to - and then fly. Seventy percent I am in a trance, the remainder is connected here. Usually. Or not. Or I just let go completely and take off into the earlier times. 

Then by fortune I found ancestral travel. Making my family tree, my ancestors began to speak to me, to guide me. "Hey Evan, this is where I am. You're looking for me". Look in this record, whatever census or database, I'm there. Inevitably they are. There, calling out. I thought that was all. "Here I am, I'm in this cemetery",  or whatever. But there was more, much more. Their lives, how they lived. I was connecting back in time to my ten times great grandparents. Some very interesting. Or even just a few generations back. Kind of like ghosts but not really. I am going back into their time, or into their moments and communicating there with them. Then I was able to see through their eyes. Well really through their third-eyes. Connect to that.  Know their world and be "them" as an invited guest, who was/am actually always in them as the latent possible Evan to be born in their future, way after their mortal bodies are dust. 

So I know their work and I go back. I connected with some in New Amsterdam and some in  the Virginia Tidewater. Now I am pushing back to the 1500s, into Africa. One ancestor in Luanda, in Angola, and then a few generations back still, and I am in a village, surrounded by many cousins, it is about 1450, by my guess. It is likely the Kongo kingdom, before 1483 and the Portuguese have not "discovered" the Kongo. 

When in 1985 in my actual body I traveled to Lambarene in Gabon, on the river Ogooue, there was a strange recognition. That feeling now so familiar of "home". It was still a simple river then, with no bridge and just small ferries to go from shore to shore and offload the small freighters that traveled up river there. But, somehow I connected in that place to Angola to the Kongo people, five hundred miles south, who I connect to now in the 1400s as my ancestral people, again through one ancestor. He made himself "known" by showing up as 1-2% South Central African DNA on two DNA tests, then he began to speak. And others from that time and place. The people, the Kongo people are complex, especially at that time. Very powerful ruling dynasties and royalty fighting and in-fighting. I am amazed to be able to witness so much through my ancestral connection. Time travel.