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Healing Ancestral Karma or a Generational Curse.

Our ancestors have a very powerful effect upon us on every level. It is generally accepted that both genetically and karmically the reach of ancestors extends for nine generations. There can be a lot of positive and there can be a lot of negative, that flows this way.

We must deal with 512 different individuals from our 7th great-grandparents up to our parents. The 7th Great-Grandparents would have been born in about 1680, a long time ago and many different people.

What we are speaking of with Ancestral Karma, is really limited to the bad or negative karmas that are affecting us today. Playing upon us. Most of our ancestors have not done anything so grave or significant that cause us problems today, but what I am usually seeing, is that it will be a handful who committed some negative actions, that play out in our lives today.

In the case of a Generational Curse this happens when someone in the past has placed a curse on a person's descendants. It could be like "all the females born will get divorced or lose their loves or husbands" or "all children will be cursed with money troubles".

We must begin to suspect that it is ancestral karma or a generational curse when no matter what, even if we have had many healings and been on many retreats, we seem to be held back in life or the same things keep coming up as blocks. This is doubly true when we see this negative also manifesting in the lives of our family too.

The clearing of ancestral karma is very valuable for our soul and also protects your children or future children from the ancestors karma. Once the clearing of negative ancestral karma is completed, people report much more clarity and positive "connections" with ancestors.

The processes that I do, with the Divine Blessing of Shirdi Sai Baba, utilizing Divine Energy Healing™neutralizes these ancestral karmas, specifically those that are bringing negative into our life today.

Heal your ancestral tree - Remove Generational Curses

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Typical Experiences of Clients

Examples I have dealt with in the lives of clients are as follows:
  • Client 1: was born into moderate wealth as a result of trickery of 1st Great Grand Father who evicted peasants from their land. Client had suffered with explained illness and business reversals.
  • Client 2: Grandmother created negativity in many love relationships, and broke-up many marriages. With healing client came out of deep emotional turmoil.
  • Client 3: 2nd Great Grandfather forced a poor neighbor to become a substitute in Army Draft, that person was killed in battle. Many descendants have been plagued by untimely violent early death.

There are many more clients who's lives have vastly improved as a result of Divine Energy Healing™ of Ancestral Karma.

Important to note again, only one ancestor out of over five hundred may be causing the problem. If you believe you may have a problem with ancestral karma, but need a consultation, please contact me.

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