Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Public Healing EVENT

Yesterday I did my first "Public Healing", which was a short talk about Baba and Swami and my healing work, followed by shaktipat. There were like twenty-five people there, which is a good turnout.

Everyone seemed to really like the energy. Its hard for me to really know, except by what people are telling me because I am in the middle of the energy. Well, one person left as I was about to give the shaktipat, which is an energy transmission to the third eye (in this case). Sometimes I use my thumb, but most times I use an object, This time I used the white Shiva lingam that Swami Kaleshwar gave me, that makes it a pretty good power object, as it is carrying his energy too. I used it along with a coin that Shirdi Sai Baba manifested for me a few years ago, (I guess that is another story).

Right before I did the shaktipat, I did a remote transmission / healing for about thirty people who had signed up, but couldn't be there because they were far away. A few in India and some in England, the rest USA.

Then I did some short private healings, they were really powerful like whatever the problem is, "take it". So will be interested to see some Divine work, like how it changes everything.

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