Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fears and disease

Many clients, many people, come to me for this work, for this healing when they are almost at the end, nothing else has helped them, traditional medicine or even alternative medicine is not working. The Divine is always available. Baba is always available, his energy, his personality, is to help. Even someone does not know who is this Baba? Does not matter, I am fortunate, and I can pull the energy for healing.

Most times, I know, it's like the clearest thing I have ever experienced, I know the healing has happened. But, sometimes also very clear, there is a resistance with the client. Not a resistance to Baba or to healing, exactly, but this old karma, this old pain they have, they have been holding onto like forever, and they are afraid to let go of it. Then it is hard. It's like they are more afraid of what happens when the healing works. Then it is hard. So there is a healing, but there is still the fear.

It a question of having an open heart, of allowing whatever is going to happen to happen. Of accepting. There will almost always be some emotional pain, after a powerful connection, many times the client is depressed feeling for several days. Sometimes they describe it as the worst depression they have ever felt, but that lifts, at least the deep depression lifts.

Swami Kaleshwar always says that the number one problem here in the West is heartbreak, and absolutely, that is what I find with my clients. That heartbreak leads right into fear or it's mental equivalent anxiety. So much of that heartbreak is for me now, kind of easy to deal with. Now, as a healer, it's the real hard pain that I am pulled to deal with, the hard physical manifestations, really overwhelming stuff, cancer and the like. It's not completely overwhelming for me, but then I am automatically seeing much of the karma that got the person to that place.

Fear can hold a person in the illness. Someone with a genuine easy faith in God but no knowledge of Baba, often that healing is very profound and quick. Because it means their heart is open, just open. It is better not to worry about every symptom after the healing work. Worry is not going to fix anything. Traditional medicine agrees here on this point. Basically the healing - total miracle healing is there for anyone.

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